Scrypto - Cryptocurrency Social Network

Scrypto platform will enhance the overall knowledge and technical acumen of cryptocurrency users, investors and community as a whole because of one simple reason that it’s so user friendly with exceptional features that is designed to inculcate the overall objective of carrying and building a bright future while indulging in cryptocurrency market.

DigitalPrice as the Payment Method for Scrypto

The DigitalPrice Team positioned DP as the main payment method for Scrypto. The social network will provide features to empower the community around cryptocurrencies. That being said, all the paid services provided by Scrypto will be paid with DigitalPrice.

  • Banner Advertising
  • Adding coin to the Scrypto fauced for posts stimulation
  • Masternodes Hosting
  • Masternodes Rating System
  • Cryptocurrencies Rating System
  • ICO Rating System


You can see in details everything that Scrypto plans to offer as a social platform in our Whitepaper.


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