Full POS Coin

POS (Proof of stake) provides the staking mechanism that generates revenue for DigitalPrice users.


Masternodes get paid with 66% of the block rewards to increase the stability and security of the blockchain.

Instant & Private Send

DigitalPrice coin Provides additional privacy to users and enables lightning fast transactions.

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A few words about us

The team at DigitalPrice believes dedication, hard work and clear vision has produced a Cryptocurrency with a bright future.

Why DigitalPrice?

DigitalPrice is a lightning fast, secure and private Cryptocurrency that generates revenue for the DigitalPrice user and provides the highest ROI for Masternode operators generating a staggering 66% block reward.

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Coin Specs

100 Million

Max Coin



120 Sec

Block time

25 Coins

Block Rewards

DigitalPrice Coin

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Monitor & Check DigitalPrice Transactions confirmations and Wallets.


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